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İmamoğlu: I will make an error announcement

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Ekrem İmamoğlu, the leader of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, shared his views with the journalists about Atatürk Airport, which was started to be demolished without any planning and tender. Sharing the tender documents dated May 16, İmamoğlu said that he would make a misdemeanor notice.

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Leader Ekrem İmamoğlu made statements to the journalists after the Florya Atatürk Urban Forest examination.

Reminding that the Florya Atatürk City Forest, in which they are located, is a green area entrusted to Atatürk, İmamoğlu said, “They are experiencing the present projection of the value Atatürk added to the area where a president actually lived and lived.

Mentioning that he dreamed of such an area right next to the mansion where he came and stayed 80-90 years ago, İmamoğlu said, “He is planting trees here and creating a park. And this park, with its naturalness, is unique and offers contemporary opportunities at the same time. It serves us in a different location with its design.”

Noting that they determined that only 200 thousand square meters of an area of ​​641 thousand square meters were open to the public at the time they came to the mission, İmamoğlu said that approximately 90 thousand square meters of the area was owned by the IMM Leader and some district municipality leaders. Imamoğlu stated that they have transformed the 90 thousand square meter protocol area, which serves the municipal leaders, into the Istanbul Planning Agency, which they established with the aim of planning the future of Istanbul, and said that they have opened the rest of the area to the use of the citizens.

showing the reaction of “Will the planning of a city be with the will of a handful of people for God’s sake,” İmamoğlu said, “Istanbul h as nothing to do with the green space issue here at the moment. This is purely a question of interest. There is an absolute interest plan and an interest map in this process, which they destroyed at the airport without being asked to the citizens, without a zoning plan, without law, without tender, and at their own pleasure.


Sharing the tender documents dated 16 May 2022 with journalists regarding the demolition processes delivered to him during his speech, İmamoğlu said to the relevant ministers, “Do you see the contractor who went there without a contract? In other words, if there is a contractor in a country who knows that he will bid without a contract, raise his hand. Shout out to those giggling watchers. How would you place such a tender? I will file a criminal complaint against all of you,” he said.

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