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‘illegal’ hunt from Fırat EDAŞ in Bingöl

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Fırat EDAŞ, which controls the measurement circuits of the installations and meters of consumers with a group of 50 experts in Bingöl, stated that it is aimed to minimize the illegal use of consumers and public waste within the scope of PLC meter investment.

Express Haber / BINGOL (IGFA) – Noting that it was detected that the field teams started illegal use with pirated programs that make it easier to interfere with the PLC meter, Fırat EDAŞ teams in Bingöl announced that the relevant persons were caught red-handed and arrested, together with the evidence.


In the statement, it was noted that for the installations where illegal electricity consumption was detected, the power was cut and illegal consumption invoices were issued in accordance with the relevant elements of the Electricity Market Consumer Service Regulation.

In addition, FEDAŞ officials pointed out that if the electrical power, which can be used according to the original subscription according to the relevant element of the Turkish Penal Code, is consumed without the owner’s request and in a way that prevents the determination of the consumption measure, a criminal notice can be filed against the person who uses illegal electricity within the scope of a prison sentence of one to three years. Criminal sanctions are also applied to individuals who are found to be helping to realize the use of illegal electricity consumption.

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