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‘Ile de France’ sheep breed is raised in Gümüşhane

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The ‘Ile e France’ sheep and lambs, which are shown as one of the sheep breeds with high meat and brood yield, whose homeland is the Saone Et Lorie region of France in Köse district, make the producers smile.

Köseli sheep and goat producer Hümmet Pala said that the sheep breed complies with the climate rules of Turkey and the meat yield is very high.


Saying that the breed’s resistance to cold and hot weather is at a very high level, producer Hümmet Pala said, “In 2019, we became interested in animal husbandry and started researches and became interested in sheep business. Then we thought about which race to decide on. As a result of the researches, we decided on the most productive Ile de France breed that was most suitable for our region. We have been producing breeding animals for about 2 years and we send breeding animals from our Köse district to all over Turkey We are in trouble of making a small number of products and producing quality goods. Our pasture is suitable for small cattle breeding. The Ile de France variety is a very beautiful sheep, a very productive animal. It is an animal that can withstand minus 30 degrees Celsius in Gümüşhane and 50 degrees Celsius in Antalya. It is an animal that can survive on the snow even if it snows,” he said.


Underlining that especially the meat yield of ‘Ile de France’ animals is very high, Pala said, “We can get 17 lambs from 10 sheep in this breed. We can buy lamb regardless of summer or winter. One of its biggest pluses is meat yield. It is an animal that ranks in the top 3 in the world in terms of meat yield. We use social media to market our animals, we share our animals, they see and seek from there. We send animals to Çanakkale, Sakarya, Kocaeli, Ankara, Niğde, Aksaray and many other places. Normally, sheep of Ile de France breed have a weight in the middle of 70-100, in our case it goes up to 120 kilograms. Coaches are also 130-150 kilograms. There is a lot of demand, we cannot breed, we want to separate breeders, people do not leave. There are also those who find our address and come to the door without knowing about us. At the same time, we also founded the association of the Ile de France race. In order to make this work more disciplined, we established an association called Ile de France Sheep Producers Association, based in Kocaeli, to make it purebred.”

Emrullah Çıkı said, “We were surprised at first because we were not used to it. It is a grueling but fruitful and useful job. Our native breeds are weak compared to them,” he said.

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