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“If there is no chaos in the world, there is no benefit for the USA”

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The United States, the only great power in the world, has several completely different faces: When it’s stingy, it doesn’t even care about the lives of its ordinary citizens and ignores the interstate responsibilities of a great country. When he is generous, he opens his purse to incite wars and use military force.

The US House of Representatives approved the aid plan to Ukraine on May 10, with a total price of $40 billion, including $25 billion in military aid. However, as a result of negotiations that lasted for 4 years on helping the development of Central American countries, the USA did not give a single penny to the relevant countries.

The United States, which has to pay the most membership fees in the UN, has so far delayed paying more than $1 billion in membership fees. This measure is much less than the aid money to be provided to Ukraine. However, it is not known when the USA will pay this money.

Domestically, US President Biden presented a budget to Congress for fiscal 2023 in March, with military spending reaching a record $813.3 billion. Back in March, Democrats added $13.6 billion in aid spending to Ukraine, ditching the $15.6 billion pandemic effort to get a government spending plan approved. The number of people who lost their lives due to COVID-19 in the USA was approaching one million.

Moreover, the US military-industrial complex is the largest profit from the 20-year US occupation of Afghanistan.

However, the USA, which started the Afghan crisis, extorted billions of dollars from this poor people, instead of paying compensation for the heavy disaster that befell the Afghan people. This is outright robbery.

The same purpose is hidden under the different faces of the USA: Creating financial resources and hegemony.

For the USA, wherever there is chaos, there is financial resources. For the USA, profit is more important than anything else. If the USA, the biggest source of chaos in the world, does not give up this habit, it will surely bring more disaster and chaos to the world.

Source: China International Radio-Zhao Quanmin, CRI News Center
Hibya News Agency

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