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İdris Şahin from DEVA: “Democracy is morality first, there is no need to leave humanity in order to do politics”

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DEVA Party spokesman İdris Şahin said in a statement at his party’s headquarters that the language of politics has been getting ugly lately. Şahin, who warned that the language of violence tenses the society, argued that the political party administrators had to use a pure language.

ANKARA İGFA-DEVA Party spokesman İdris Şahin said, “Our country is being dragged into a bottleneck in every sense politically, economically and socially, your dreams and goals are wasted every day for the sake of stubbornness. You are the young people who Atatürk entrusted their future with great faith. “Your ideas and determination will bring our country to pleasant days. We believe in you. We act with a general leader who walks behind the youth, not behind them,” he said.


“The language of politics has become extremely ugly in recent days, with its government and opposition.Political party administrators have an obligation to use a pure language, which is not offensive and far from imperious, by considering the sensitivities of the society in their style and discourse.The target audience of political parties is the people. Confucius said ‘you cannot understand the power of people until you understand the power of words and ideas’. Politics is done with reason and language.” Şahin said, “Unfortunately, the language of the managers at work today is confrontational, dirty, hurtful and imperious. In politics, we see that the language of violence and aggression prevails instead of the language of equality, solidarity, freedom and love. Even the language of the street is backward and repulsive… pronunciation seems more creative and sympathetic. In today’s political arena, the language and political style used by the President, especially those around him, has brought the masses to the point of ambitious and angry. In fact, it has brought some of them to the point of enjoying insulting speeches. It alienates the parts that walk behind it from common sense, reconciliation methods and living in the middle, and it stretches the society. Tolerance destroys our culture and our power.

Whereas in democracies, smart action want strong opposition against them. They benefit from their contribution… tries to silence the dissenting voice, declares the enemy, excludes, I do not see If it comes out of oppression, it suffocates democracy. Just as journalists, writers, academics and thinkers who talk about their opinions while their lives in prisons. In advanced democracies, there is moderation in every aspect of life. Attention is paid to social costs and rules… Democracy is morality first. There is no need to leave humanity in order to do politics”


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