‘HUDA PAR’ setting for the oath ceremony in the Parliament!

CHP Group Deputy Chairman Özgür Özel spoke to İpek Özbey on Sözcü TV live broadcast. Making critical evaluations about the elections and the second round, Özel claimed that the oath ceremony, which was expected to be held on May 24, was postponed due to the objections of the People’s Alliance component, HUDA PAR.

Special noted:

“Since 1999, the swearing-in ceremony has always been between the 10th and the 14th day, in the past it was said in the Constitution that the 5th day of the announcement of the official results should be the swearing-in ceremony, now it’s the 3rd day… So we expect it to happen 2 days ago. The swearing-in ceremony should take place between the 8th and the 12th day. Last time, we held the swearing-in ceremony again on the 11th day. They are currently trying to postpone the swearing-in ceremony after the second round. The reason is this: friends from HUDA PAR, 4 deputies, AK Those 4 HUDA PAR members that the party brought to the Parliament… Those who say “There is no Turkish flag” and say “There is no Turkish nation” are objecting to the text of the oath. They say, “The text of the oath is problematic.” They object to the expression ‘I take an oath before the Turkish nation’, ‘we will not take an oath before the Turkish nation’… They say this text should be changed. They’re trying to take the oath forward so you can see. How will they get it? It should be the 3rd day after the official results are published, or they are putting pressure on the YSK so that the swearing-in ceremony is not published.”


Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu, President of HUDA PAR, attended Habertürk before the elections and said, “You are criticizing the parliamentary oath in 2015. Will you take the oath when elected?” He replied, “We’ll see”.

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