Huawei Vision Smart Screen 3 with artificial intelligence camera introduced

huawei vision smart screen 3 4k tv tanitildi iste ozellikleri163901 0Huawei presents new AI super-sensing camera at summer 2023 event Vision Smart TV 3 introduced the . The smart TV supports 240Hz Huawei Honghu landscape quality technology. Equipped with a 4K superior projection screen, the TV comes with a 4K flagship chip, artificial intelligence vision chip, and software with new features added.

Huawei Vision Smart Screen 3 4K TV features

Huawei Vision Smart TV 3 Equipped with artificial intelligence superb sensing camera and artificial intelligence vision chip. It has smart functions such as bone joint recognition, portrait tracking and sitting posture/distance reminder. Huawei’s self-developed Honghu image quality is based on in-depth training and collection of large data sets; 11 medical photo scenesIt dynamically runs color, contrast management and other algorithm modules for intelligent recognition and optimization.

The TV supports the superior screen mirroring function. You can perform 4K screen mirroring with a single click on your smartphone after purchasing the relevant membership. It also has great entertainment functions such as movie watching, karaoke, fitness and gaming. TV 115 degree wide angle and To the new AI awesome detection camera that supports 12 million pixels owner. Equipped with AI landscape chip, it is an independent NPUhas the unit.

It monitors in real time in child mode and can ask the child to adjust the sitting posture/watching distance. Huawei Vision Smart TV 3, self-developed and advanced in every way to Honghu image quality technology owner. Based on in-depth training and collection of massive datasets, it can intelligently recognize 11 medical photo scenes to optimize, dynamically driving color, contrast management and other algorithm modules.

Vision Smart 3 can perform high-definition scenic conversations with screens, mobile phones, tablets and cars with its AI wonderful detection camera rest. of the camera portrait recognition functionWith , the image image can also change with the movement of the person, so that the user is always in the C position of the screen’s field of view.

Huawei Vision Smart Screen 3 4K TV price

Huawei Vision Smart Screen 3 officially on 18 May will be on pre-sale. The price of the 65-inch version; 700 dollars . The price of the 75-inch version is; 950 dollars.

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