How much were the quarter gold prices today? May 12, 2023 current gold rate prices

Quarter goldlatest on prices…


Gold prices slumped as the dollar maintained its gains, but continued concerns over the economy and the inability to reach an agreement on the US debt ceiling prevented further losses.

The ounce price of gold in the spot market is around 2 thousand 6 dollars.

The gram price of gold in the domestic market is at the level of 1263 liras.

Uncertainties regarding the debt limit in the USA are increasing its impact on asset prices day by day.

While the news that the meeting of US President Joe Biden and congress leaders was postponed today came to the fore, it is stated that the reason for the postponement was due to the lack of preparations in the subcommittees.

While the statements on the subject remained in the focus of investors yesterday, International Monetary Fund (IMF) Spokesperson Julie Kozack warned that if the USA defaults, this situation will have very serious repercussions not only for the USA but also for the global economy.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the US’ failure to meet its debt obligations could threaten gains over the past few years and spark a global recession.

On the other hand, while the US Federal Reserve (Fed) officials continued their verbal guidance, Minneapolis Fed Chairman Neel Kashkari stated that there is some evidence that high inflation has decreased, but he is still persistent and this means that they should continue their tight monetary policy for a longer period of time.

Quarter gold It is the smallest member of the jewelery group. It is popularly known as little gold.

Gold gains value according to its weight. Quarter gold is 18 mm thick and 22 carat. A quarter gold weighs 1.75 grams. The weight of pure gold under a quarter is calculated as 1.635 grams.

Quarter gold was used both as jewelry, jewelery and as an investment tool. Quarter gold coins, which are considered as gifts, have handles. Quarter gold coins, which are preferred for investment purposes, are handleless. The unique gold content of quarter gold is not included in its handles. The handles under the quarter are not gold.

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