How much is gram gold, quarter gold, republic gold? (May 15, 2023)

Türkiye went to the polls yesterday for critical elections. According to the uncertain results, the 13th president will be determined by the second round of elections.

The uncertainty coming out of the ballot box created a panic atmosphere in the markets. While the exchange rates started the new week with an increase, Borsa İstanbul cut the circuit after the sharp decline. On the other hand, there was a sharp increase in Turkey’s CDS risk premiums.

On Friday, the gram price of gold, which followed a horizontal course with the increase in the exchange rate despite the decrease in the ounce price of gold, closed the day at 1,266 lira, just below the previous close.

After starting the week with value gains, the gram price of gold is trading at 1,275 liras, 0.71 percent above the previous close as of 10:45. At the same time, quarter gold is sold at 2,090 liras, and Republic gold at 8,460 liras.


After closing at $2,011 with a decrease of 0.22 percent on Friday, the ounce price of gold is now finding buyers at $2,018 with an increase of 0.35 percent.

Analysts reported that the ounce price of gold was moving in search of direction, amid concerns about economic activity around the world and uncertainties about monetary policy.

Stating that industrial production in the Euro zone and the New York Fed manufacturing index data in the USA will be followed today, analysts reported that, technically, $ 2,000 in the ounce price of gold is in the support position, and $2,030 and $2,040 are in the resistance position.

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