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How much is a quarter gold? (26 June 2022 gold prices)

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Gold prices, which have risen in recent days, have fallen.

The price of gram gold decreased by 2.31 percent to 992 liras and 35 cents.

Quarter gold is 1668 lira, half gold is 3 thousand 337 TL and Republic gold is 6 thousand 627 lira.


US Leader Joe Biden announced that the G7 will ban gold imports from Russia due to the Russia-Ukraine war at the G7 Leaders’ Hill to be held at Elmau Palace in Bavaria, Germany.

“At the G7 (USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan) we will announce together that we will ban the import of gold, which is a valuable export item worth tens of billions of dollars for Russia,” Biden said .

Russia was the second largest producer of gold after China with approximately 331 thousand tons last year. Gold is known as Russia’s second most valuable export commodity after power.

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