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How is waste managed?

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ÇEVKO Foundation, which has focused on “fighting the climate crisis” and “transition to the circular economy” for the last seven years, has developed a waste management system suitable for the use of businesses of all sizes and from all segments.

The new generation resource management model and waste management system PROKETS, offered within the scope of ÇEVKO Digital Analysis, makes the waste management processes of companies more active and more efficient. PROKETS, a cloud-based, portable system, enables commercial enterprises, regardless of their field of activity and size, to transition their new or existing waste management applications to the Zero Waste management system and integrate them with the subsystems within the integrated environmental information system .


ÇEVKO Foundation Secretary General Mete İmer said, “Today, commercial enterprises, regardless of cut and size, are innovative, transparent, compatible with standards in corporate waste management in line with their basic legal obligations and sustainability purposes. needs measurable professional analysis. In our country, institutional waste management processes are generally tried to be carried out in a complex structure; some companies are now at the beginning of the road in the creation of these processes. The PROKETS system, which we have developed with our knowledge and experience, simplifies waste management processes, harmonizes them with legal regulations and provides measurability.


PROKETS also provides the calculation of environmental benefits with the information obtained from reports in line with international standards or from the company’s waste management system. In addition, creating an alternative storage area for the documents uploaded to the system and an ‘E-Agenda’ for Permits/Licenses; creation of an ‘E-Library’ that enables monitoring of environmental legislation; It also offers features such as ‘E-Learning’, which enables the use of distance education supplements and the use of materials prepared for refresher training.

With PROKETS, commercial establishments can monitor the information of their businesses in different districts, provinces and even different countries simultaneously and comparatively, they can monitor different types of waste pointwise and observe the changes. PROKETS, which enables the waste management infrastructure of the enterprises to be evaluated according to the legislation and the development areas to be determined, also makes it possible to monitor and report in real time how much waste is generated from a random unit or even a random waste bin within the company, and to monitor the yield.

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