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Housing workers in Spain have equal social rights with staff

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Hundreds of thousands of people working in residential services in Spain gained equal rights with employees in other sectors. The left-wing government led by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez approved the decree on the bet today.

Nursing housekeepers such as cleaners, gardeners, aged care workers can no longer be dismissed without any kind of relationship by the boss. If they lose their jobs, they will be able to receive unemployment benefits.

Therefore, those who employ workers in the residence will also have to pay the unemployment contribution in price payments. Residents will also have health “protection”; will have access to the necessary trainings to improve their “vocational opportunities” and “working conditions”.

Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez, in his post on his Twitter account, stated that with the decree, “a historical discrimination has been ended”.

Spanish Labor Minister Yolanda Diaz said the government has ended “discrimination” against housing workers with a decree passed. The minister from the Communist Party of Spain stated that his country would thus “pay a historic debt to domestic workers”. The decree will be in effect from 1 October.

The European Court of Justice, in its decision about 6 months ago, ruled that the housing workers in Spain are deprived of social defense and therefore they are discriminated against.

In its decision dated February 24, the court drew attention to the fact that 95 percent of domestic workers are women and said, “As a result, national laws definitely put female workers at a disadvantage, and this leads to indirect discrimination on the basis of gender.”

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