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Hot asphalt work in Nevşehir

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Hot asphalt paving started on Ertuğrul Gazi Street in Cevher Dudayev District, whose infrastructure renovation works were completed by Nevşehir Municipality.

The works initiated by Nevşehir Municipality Water and Sewerage Affairs Directorate groups to strengthen the inadequate drinking water infrastructure of Ertuğrul Gazi Street in Cevher Dudayev District have been completed. The municipal teams, which replaced the drinking water line pipes with new generation polyethylene pipes on the street where there is a heavy settlement, also realized the production of rain water line with the aim of preventing floods and floods that may occur in heavy rains in the neighborhood

The municipal teams, which completed the production of the rainwater border of approximately 1 km, started the hot asphalt paving.

The teams of the Directorate of Science Affairs, which will lay hot asphalt along the 1.5 km long street, will complete their work during the week and open the street to vehicle traffic.

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