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Hope for 80 individuals with organs donated in Mexico

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An unnamed 31-year-old person who donated his organs in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi gave hope to dozens of individuals with his organ donation. Following the death of the patient’s brain, it was announced that his organs were removed with the operation performed at the Regional General Hospital No. 50 and that the organs in question would be transplanted to the needy patients.

After the operation, the organ donor’s body was taken out of the hospital, and he was sent off to his last journey with applause by the health workers lined up in the corridor. The organ donor’s family, on the other hand, stated that they want to donate all of their children’s organs to those in need, and that they bring it to language at every opportunity.

Regional General Hospital officials stated that as a result of the operation, pancreas, heart, liver, cornea, skin, kidney and muscle tissues were saved from the donor and that these tissues will be a hope for 80 individuals waiting for organ donation.

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