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HONEY-MIGRATION branch leaders met before the Bulgarian elections

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In Bursa, the Balkan Immigrants Culture and Solidarity Association (BAL-GÖÇ) Branch Leaders came to a meeting at the BAL-Migration Headquarters for the Bulgarian Elections.

BURSA (IGFA) – Balkan Immigrants Culture and Solidarity Association Branch Leaders, together with the Election Committee officials and Yenişehir Representative, came to a meeting at the BAL-GÖÇ Headquarters for the Bulgarian General Elections to be held on October 2, 2022.

BAL-MIG General Leader Prof. Dr. Emin Balkan said, “The Bulgarian elections are very valuable to us because we will do our best to have Turks represented more in the parliament for the peace and well-being of our relatives living there. We would like to thank all our Branch Leaders and Yenişehir Representative Office who participated in this meeting where we discussed what can be done for BAL-GÖÇ, goals and projects.” used the terms.

Stating that they did their best to increase the number of ballot boxes for Bursa in the Bulgarian Elections and to ensure the smooth progress of the election, Emin Balkan said that they wanted all Bulgarian immigrant citizens in Turkey to use electronic media actively in this process, as they provided a faster flow.

Expressing that the HONEY MIGRATION branches have started to help the citizens fill their petitions in the neighborhoods and regions where immigrants are already heavy, Balkan, together with Kestel Municipality, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Nilüfer Municipality, made the Balkan Fairs held in the weeks before October 2, which made the election atmosphere of the Bulgarian Immigrants in Bursa. He added that he would ensure his capture.

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