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Holiday veto of ‘Victory’ from 4 parties!

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During the holiday visits planned to be held on the second day of the holiday, 4 political parties decided not to celebrate with the Victory Party, of which Ümit Özdağ was the General Leader.

Due to the Eid-al-Adha, the festival programs were announced in the middle of the political parties.

Party delegations will celebrate the second day of the feast with face-to-face visits. There are remarkable details in the visiting lists of the parties.


– AK Party; HDP will not celebrate with DEVA, Future Party and Victory Party.

– The MHP, which has decided to celebrate with only eight parties, does not include the HDP, as well as the GUZEL Party and the Victory Party.

– The CHP, which will celebrate with 17 parties, will not celebrate with the Victory Party, HÜDAPAR, Center Party, and National Road Party.

– GOOD Party; MHP will not celebrate with HDP and Zafer Party.

The parties that AK Party, CHP, MHP and DÜZGÜN Party will visit are as follows:

– AK Party: CHP, MHP, HUDAPAR, Felicity Party, BBP, DSP, Democrat Party, DÜZGÜN Party, Vatan Party, Motherland Party and Welfare Again Party.

– CHP: DSP, Vatan Party, HDP, ENOUGH Party, BBP, DP, MHP, Felicity Party, Motherland Party, Young Party, DEVA, Future Party, Welfare Party Again, BTP, TDP and Homeland Party.

– MHP: DSP, AK Party, BBP, TDP, Again Welfare Party, Felicity Party, CHP and Homeland Party.

– UYGUN Party: TDP, Felicity Party, DP, CHP, National Road Party, AK Party, DSP, Future Party, DEVA, Motherland Party, Again Welfare Party, Young Party, HÜDAPAR, BTP, Homeland Party and Center Party.

Future Party: CHP, BEAUTIFUL Party, Felicity Party, DEVA, Democrat Party, Young Party, BBP, HDP, Turkey Change Party, National Road Party, Victory Party, Motherland Party, Homeland Party, Democratic Left Party

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