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Holiday shift of baklava makers: The price starts from 100 liras and goes up to 280 liras

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Baklava, which is indispensable for the holidays, is also in high demand during the Eid al-Adha. The intensity, which started early in sweet shops, is expected to continue until the third day of the feast.

Baklava and Dessert Producers Association (BAKTAD) Leader Mehmet Yıldırım, who gave information about the density, said that this holiday, as every holiday, the sector spent hard work to fulfill the orders.

Stating that the preparations are continuing at full speed, Yıldırım said:

“There was a pandemic last Eid-al-Adha, and we are now over it. Even though this Eid is partly due to a decrease in prices, the volume of our orders is not the same as the last holiday.

The most preferred works this holiday are the classic pistachio baklava, sobiyet, carrot slice, cold baklava, which has been on the rise in sales recently, mussel baklava and our honey baklava.

Although there was a slight decrease in daily consumption of baklava throughout Turkey due to the pandemic, we returned to normal afterwards.

According to our calculations, there is a daily consumption of 1,450 tons of baklava in Turkey, and when we look at this holiday, we predict that there will be 5 thousand tons of baklava production and consumption in these 3 days, on the eve, the first day and the second day.”


Mehmet Yıldırım, giving information about the prices of baklava during the feast, stated that the prices starting from 100 TL went up to 280 TL.

Stating that the material used in the prices plays a valuable role, Yıldırım said that these prices for peanut-heavy works reach up to 360 TL.


Referring to the press release they made about peanut prices and peanut stocking, Yıldırım said that they got the result they wanted from this invitation.

Yıldırım said the following about the bet:

“Due to stockpiling, the prices of peanuts had increased a lot. They increased the peanuts from 240 TL to 440 TL in 20 days, and it would go even higher. There was talk of 500-600 TL, so we had to make a statement.

After making this reaction statement, the prices remained in place and came back a bit. Our explanation was very helpful, the branch was relieved as the truth came back on peanut prices.”

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