Historic pick for ladies: We’ll tear the dark

In the first round of the presidential election, it targeted women and the Law No. 6284 on the Protection of the Family and the Prevention of Violence Against Women. HUDA PAR’The reactions to the AKP’s entry into the Parliament from the lists continue.

Days before the second round of the elections, the women emphasized that they will fight against the discourses targeting them, while emphasizing secularism. CHP Women’s Branch President Aylin Nazliaka,President of the 29 October Women’s Association Senal Sarihanand Istanbul Women’s Organizations Union Coordinator Nazan Morogluspoke to the Republic


Nazlıaka from CHP stated that the support AKP received from women decreased. “The mentality that attributes only motherhood to women, argues that unemployment figures increase because they are looking for a job, says that a woman who is not a mother is half, and that abolished the Istanbul Convention, which is the lifeline of women, deepened inequality”said.

“They imposed hell on women”Nazlıaka said, “In solidarity with women’s associations, we have had many wrong laws and practices withdrawn. We will protect our right to life, our right to education and our right to work until the end.”used his statements.

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(Aylin Nazlıaka)

Touching on the HUDA PAR issue, Nazlıaka said, “Erdogan, who unlawfully terminated the Istanbul Convention overnight, showed 6284 as a guarantee at that time. We will never allow them to further usurp our rights and turn Turkey into Iran. They talk about ‘owning women’ in their election manifestos. Are women a thing so that they can be owned! HUDA PAR makes a statement on the reactions and says we mean women who are in ‘economically difficult’. His apology is bigger than his fault! The Republic of Türkiye is a ‘social state’. The state supports its citizens who are in trouble, not adopting them like a stray dog.made its assessment.

Nazlıaka, together with women’s associations “Take care of your future on May 28.

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(Senal Sarihan)

President of the 29 October Women’s Association Senal Sarihan,Regarding the participation of HUDA PAR in the Parliament “It was no surprise. It was naturally the result of the merger of the understanding that abolished the Istanbul Convention with the group that was against the law numbered 6284. The ideology that HUDA PAR carries beyond the statements and the murder allegations behind it create an alarming picture for all of us, especially for women.  said.

Sarihan, “There is a need for stronger women’s struggle. The achievements of women since 1923 need to be sustained and carried forward. We need to encourage young women and men to take charge of their futures.”said.

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(Nazan Moroglu)


Lawyer Nazan Moroğlu, Coordinator of the Union of Women’s Organizations in Istanbul (IKKB), “This election is a historic turning point in terms of democracy, secularism, the rule of law and women’s human rights. Policies of secularism, democracy, gender equality will be voted on.  said.

Moroglu said: “Equality between men and women is the basic criterion of democracy. As a matter of fact, a law proposal was submitted by the CHP last year for the equal representation of women in politics, and it was rejected by the votes of AKP and MHP deputies. We expect this bill to be brought to the Parliament’s agenda immediately. We believe that the result will be determined by women who struggle without giving up on secularism and gender equality.”


The Federation of Women’s Associations of Turkey compiled the loss of rights of women and their children during the 21-year AKP rule. Some of the items on the list are:

  • In 2009, the Ministry of National Education released the engagement of middle and high school students with a regulation change.
  • With the 4+4+4 system introduced in 2012, girls were either excluded from formal education or were sent to various institutions under the name of religious education.
  • With the annulment of the law by the Constitutional Court in 2015, it paved the way for “lowering the age of consent for sexual intercourse from 15 to 12”.
  • In 2016, then Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdağ defended the “shame” motion that abolishes the penalty in case the victim and the perpetrator marry for sexual abuse, saying “consent of the minor”.
  • In 2020, it was requested to be added to the bill during the debates on the execution law, which is the subject of amnesty with marriage to child abuse, on the pretext of coronavirus.
  • In 2021, the Istanbul Convention was exited.

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(Konca Kuris)


The bloody past of the sharia terrorist organization Hezbollah, whose connection with HUDA PAR is discussed, is on the agenda. Writer Konca Kuris, On January 23, 2000, he was found murdered with a pig tie in the basement of a Hezbollah house. Former Diyarbakır Police Chief Gaffar Okan, He was martyred by Hezbollah. Former Dicle University Faculty of Medicine General Secretary Ibrahim Sari He was killed with a pig tie by Hezbollah hitmen in 1999. 58 Hezbollah hitmen who were sentenced to life imprisonment as the perpetrators of 183 murders in Diyarbakir, Mardin and Batman last month and whose sentences were upheld by the Supreme Court and given a final verdict. “retrial”It turned out that they were evacuated under the name.

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