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Heart diseases can be detected from the eye

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It may be possible to learn about your risk of heart disease with an eye examination.

A study conducted in England revealed that an easy eye test can calculate the risk of heart attack.

According to research by the University of Edinburgh, the system of blood vessels in the retina can be considered a new model for calculating “heart attack risk”.

Although the results of the research are not published in a peer-reviewed journal, the scientific research that serves as a reference was carried out using the data of 500 thousand people.

The study showed that the eye exam could also be a new screening procedure for “heart attack”.

Experts said they found that some of the favorites were associated with coronary artery disease and the occasional myocardial infarction, commonly known as a heart attack.

Researchers pointing out that the average age for a heart attack is 60; stated that the formula can be used from the age of 50.

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