Business is booming.

He started strawberry production by turning the hazelnut garden into a greenhouse.

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Karavelioğlu, who grows 40 thousand root lettuce annually in the greenhouse he established in 2017 on a thousand square meters of hazelnut orchard in Keşap district, gained experience in soilless agriculture with his production for 5 years.

As a result of his research, Karavelioğlu decided to produce strawberries as an alternative product besides lettuce. Karavelioğlu, who has transformed 300 square meters of his garden into a strawberry greenhouse by getting reinforcements from the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, aims to buy 3.5 tons of works per year.


Mustafa Karavelioğlu said that greenhouse cultivation is not very common in the region, which stands out with hazelnut farming.

Karavelioğlu stated that he established a lettuce greenhouse to provide added value and produce alternative products alongside hazelnuts and said, “I learned first greenhouse cultivation, then soilless agriculture, and then lettuce production.”

Karavelioğlu stated that he has now created a strawberry greenhouse and continued as follows:

“Alternative works are not considered much in the region, except for hazelnut agriculture. Considering climate change, alternative works will need to be produced in the future, besides hazelnuts. The strawberry and lettuce greenhouse storage areas are 2,000 square meters, the hazelnut size we will get from the same area is 200 kilograms per acre, and the benefit of 400 kilograms of hazelnuts is also.” It is 16 thousand liras. If you consider personnel and costs, your profit will decrease”

Underlining that alternative works should definitely be valued, Karavelioğlu said, “The main artifact is hazelnut, but I believe that alternative artifacts should also be produced for the development of Giresun agriculture.”


Explaining that he continues to search for alternative artifacts outside of strawberry, Karavelioğlu said that especially the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has made important contributions to encourage production in recent years, and that he himself has benefited from them.

Murat Yeğinler, who is responsible for production, said that they can get twice as many works with soilless agriculture.

Saying that they do the pollination with bumblebees in the greenhouse, Yeğinler said, “These bees both do pollination better than honey bees and ensure the formation of strawberries better. In the Black Sea climate, 500 grams per root in the first year, 750 grams in the second year, and 500 grams in the third year in the Black Sea climate. We are planning a harvest of around 3.5 tons this year,” he said.

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