He read Ensar’s ‘prayer of blessings’ and was appointed as the mufti of the province

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’Mevlüt Haliloğlu was appointed as Adıyaman Provincial Mufti with the decision published in the Official Gazette the previous day with the signature of Mr.

He previously served as district mufti in Istanbul Kağıthane and Tekirdağ Çorlu. Mevlut Haliloglunun Ensar FoundationHis relationship with it was remarkable.

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(Mevlut Haliloglu)

At the opening of the Kağıthane Branch of the Ensar Foundation, which came to the fore with the scandal of sexual abuse of 45 children in Karaman, in 2015 “prayer of blessings”Haliloğlu, who is studying, took part in the opening of the youth and sports life center opened by Ensar Foundation in Kağıthane in 2019.

Haliloğlu’s visits to MHP members also drew attention.

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