He left the effort from Erdoğan at an exorbitant price until after the election: It has become annoying, we will bore them

President of the AKP, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, continued his tour in the earthquake zone with Devlet Bahçeli and Fatih Erbakan. Erdogan, who went to Antep after Adıyaman and Hatay, spoke at the rally held in Station Square.

The highlights of Erdogan’s statements are as follows:

“Our nation has trusted its state and is interlocked with each other. Currently, there are 100 thousand people in the field, apart from what we see on the road. Now, I believe that the market next week will sound very different from Gaziantep’s ballot box. It is also pleasing that Gaziantep, one of the production and employment centers, is the city that recovered the fastest in this process. We cannot find the opportunity to heal the wounds of our earthquake victims without investment, production and export. We will be a city that deserves everything given to it. We will make the metro project come to life as soon as possible, and we will ease the urban transportation. With the completion of the high-speed train line, Gaziantep’s attraction will increase in all respects. The construction of our city hospital is largely finished. I hope We will start admitting patients towards the end of next month. I would like to express my gratitude to you for the nearly 60 percent vote rate you gave to the People’s Alliance on May 14 and the support of 9 deputies.

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In the Presidency, are we ready for 70 percent, not 60 percent this time? Hopefully, this time with 70 percent, we will perceive the night that connects May 28 to May 29 very differently. What’s that? Conquest of Istanbul. Are we ready for this? Despite 49.5 percent of the votes with over 27 million votes, the election was left to the second round due to the system. I expect you to go to the polls in the second round of elections, hopefully without a single loss. Our main competitor is not the Chairman of the CHP, but complacency. I hope we will embrace the victory together without being complacent in the election to be held on Sunday. Mr. Mr. Kemal takes the instruction from Qandil. It’s from terrorists. Where do we get it? We receive it from God and our nation. For this reason, are we ready to once again claim the ballot boxes on May 28? Are we ready to finish the unfinished business next week? In fact, this time, let’s take care of the ballot boxes so strongly that we don’t even give the CHP Chairman the opportunity to show delusion.


As the People’s Alliance, our other brothers in the People’s Alliance are the MHP; Again, the Welfare Party, HUDA PAR together with all of them, I hope we will get ready for the ballot boxes, we will dominate the ballot boxes, we will run to victory with a thud. This person lost 15 elections. Hopefully, he will face another loss on Sunday. Who knows, maybe we will have done the greatest good to the CHP after 28 May by creating a new opportunity.

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What is he saying? We will not send you anything again. Mr. Mr. Kemal there is no need. We don’t need either. Just as we have done up to now with our AFAD, Kızılay and municipalities, we will meet the needs of earthquake zones from now on.

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Of course, we still have problems to solve. The price increases caused by the fluctuations in the economy in recent years are one of these problems. Housing and price increases have become troubling. We know that there are many reasons that trigger this rise. But we still cannot accept this table. Reasonable and proportionate, we will clap with those who make exorbitant rent increases out of greed for no reason, if we continue to work again! Of course, our second and main solution will be to take measures to rapidly increase the housing supply, both through TOKİ and by encouraging the private sector. We will meet this need of our citizens with 1+1, 2+1 residences. For example, 1.5 million new houses that we will build in 5 years in Istanbul with urban transformation projects are part of this. We are determined to eliminate the rent bloat by increasing the number of houses in our other cities in the medium and long term.”

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