Business is booming.

He found 9 million pesetas in the house he bought.

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Pineiro, who lives in Valencia, but after retiring, bought an old house in the town of A Pousada in the city of Lugo, in the northwest of the country, where he was born, and was in for a big surprise.

Speaking to a local newspaper called El Progreso, Pineiro said he found a total of 9 million pesetas hidden in different parts of the house during the renovation.


“I found the first coin on the roof during the renovation, then on the rest of the house. It turns out that the former owner did not trust banks. Most of the money was hidden in boxes and I think it was very well preserved to protect it from moisture. The coins were ironed more than once,” Pineiro said.


Stating that he was very happy when he found the money first, Pineiro stated that he was in the throes of his joy afterwards, adding that he could only change a small part of the money to euro, since the Bank of Spain stopped buying pesetas, the old Spanish currency, since last year.

On January 1, 2002, Spain abandoned the pesetas and switched to the euro currency.

The Bank of Spain also announced that it will not buy pesetas from 2021.

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