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Harvest time in the wheat fields of Antalya

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The joy of harvest was experienced in Antalya Forest Farm, which Kepez Municipality cleared of stones and bushes from the land left idle for many years and brought it back to agriculture. The second wheat harvest was made this year on the farm where the first wheat harvest was carried out last year.

Kepez Municipality Leader Hakan Tütüncü also became a partner in the joy of harvest. Emphasizing that Antalya Forest Farm is one of the special projects of Kepez Municipality, Lider Tütüncü said, “Here, we had to introduce the society, our fellow countrymen and our people to agriculture, to introduce them to the soil, as well as to carry out activities to raise awareness about agriculture. We aimed to draw attention to agriculture, nature and the environment with the works we carried out on an area of ​​200 decares. Hopefully, we will continue to raise this awareness. Over the years, Antalya Forest Farm will become a very pleasant place,” he said.

Leader Tütüncü said that Antalya Orman Çiftliği will be an activity area for children throughout the summer and said, “Now, this place will be planted for summer after harvest and at the same time, this place will be a different activity and entertainment area for our students throughout the summer. Various events will be held here throughout the summer. Today, with the harvest, the wheat will be removed. Summer planting will begin with the removed wheat. After the summer plantings have started, our students will have the opportunity to experience the farm life here in the same form. A pleasant activity awaits our children at the Antalya forest farm during the summer. This is not only a gateway to agriculture, but also a place where we convey a sense of environment to future generations, show and promote it. Antalya Forest Farm has also become an awareness center for our children in the field of agriculture. In some European countries, there are activity areas and activity areas that we know as Farm School. At the same time for our children, this became the Farm School during the summer holidays. In the summer, we do not leave this place empty again. As Antalya Forest Farm is a very progressive project, it will also raise awareness in agriculture.”

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