Hadise left the bad days behind and shook the social media with her miniskirt poses

Hadise left the bad days behind and shook the social media with her miniskirt poses
Hadise left the bad days behind and shook the social media with her miniskirt poses

Singer Hadise, who married businessperson Mehmet Dinçerler on April 30, filed for divorce on the grounds that she was subjected to psychological violence. Her song, which ended her 5-month marriage in a single session on September 30, gave the message “I’m back” with her brave post on her social media account.

Instagram crashed

Hadise, who said that she does not keep people who are not good for her in an event she attended recently, shared her poses with her assertive outfit on her Instagram account with 14.1 million followers. The sharing of the singer, who made TBT special for Thursday, received more than 300 thousand likes and comments in a short time.

Hadise on Instagram
Hadise on Instagram

The comments of the famous singer, “You are very beautiful in honor of the separation“, “I love it“, “Always laugh like this“, came to the sharing of the famous singer.

zor gunleri geride birakan hadise g

“They think they’re going to crush me”

On the other hand, Hadise also referred to her ex-wife Mehmet Dinçerler at a conference she attended the other day. Hadise said, “After the attacks against me, I do not say, ‘Why am I experiencing this?’ They think they will crush me. There is no such thing. I am getting stronger!

zor gunleri geride birakan hadise g JZmt

Who is Hadise?

Hadise Açıkgöz was born in Belgium in 1985. She loved to sing and ride horses as a child. After studying Economics and Contemporary Languages, she decided to turn to her biggest passion, music. His family welcomed this situation and supported the young Hadise.

Hadise participated in the contest called Idool, the “Popstar” of Belgium in 2003. Although she could not be among the 10 finalists, she managed to attract the attention of many producers. The company 2Brains soon offered the young girl a contract. Hadise entered the studio to begin the recording process with her producers Yves Gaillard and Serge Ramaekers.

He describes the music he wants to make as “urban pop”. She likes names like Christina Aguilera and Beyonce Knowles, but says she is also influenced by more experienced names like Prince, Janet Jackson, Tina Turner, Alicia Keys, Toni Braxton. Her biggest dream is to meet Tina Turner and share the same stage. From Turkey, she likes Tarkan very much and says, “It would be like a dream to do a duet with him.”

Hadise, who studies marketing in Hasselt and speaks five languages ​​(Flemish, French, German, Turkish and English), devotes most of her free time to music.

It was “Stir Me Up” from June 2005. The singer also received a positive note with the video clip of “Stir Me Up“, which was presented in 5 versions.

Hadise released her first album “Sweat” in 2005. His next album “Hadise” was released in 2007. She achieved her greatest success in 2009 by representing Turkey at the “Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow“. Here she finished fourth in the finals with the song “She Düm Tek Tek“.

Hadise, after a year of preparation, “What size does love wear?” released his 5th album, titled “Superman“, in April 2011 (2nd Turkish album).

He hosted the game show called Popstar. He acted as the jury of the “O Ses Türkiye” sound competition, which is the new project of Acun Medya, which was broadcast on Show TV in October 2011.

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