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Guterres: “We are facing an unprecedented global hunger crisis”

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Guterres, who sent a video message to the ministerial conference held in Germany under the name “Response to Multiple Challenges for Global Food Security”, said, “We are facing an unprecedented global hunger crisis. The war in Ukraine, the deterioration of the climate that has emerged for years, the Covid-19 epidemic. It made it more complicated.” he said.

Stating that the worst drought in recent years has been experienced in the Horn of Africa region, the Secretary General stated that if action is not taken now, the situation could turn into a disaster. “According to the World Nutrition Program, in the last two years, the number of people worldwide struggling with food access has more than doubled, reaching 276 million. There is a real risk of multiple famines being declared in 2022, and 2023 could be even worse,” Guterres said. made its assessment.


Secretary General Antonio Guterres stated that for the analysis of the food crisis that threatens the world, it is necessary to reintegrate the nutrients and fertilizers produced by Russia into the world markets, despite the war, and said, “I am in heavy contact with Ukraine , the Russian Federation, Turkey, the USA, the European Union and others. ” said.

Referring to the rising costs of farmers, Guterres said, “The main cost of farmers is fertilizer and power. Fertilizer prices increased by more than half last year, and power prices by more than two-thirds.” he said.

Guterres noted that the discussions at the conference could provide an opportunity to stabilize global food markets and deal with commodity price volatility.

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