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Grant agreement from Erciyes Technopark with ICMPD

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The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center project developed by Erciyes Technopark was entitled to receive a grant under the Enhancer program. Erciyes University Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Calis gave information about the signed grant contract.

Erciyes Technopark was entitled to receive a grant under the Enhancer program with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center project it developed by hosting a new success.

Erciyes University Rector Prof. Dr. Çalış said, “Erciyes Technopark has been entitled to receive grant support within the scope of ENHANCER program funded by the European Union and carried out by the Center for the Development of International Migration Policies (ICMPD) in harmony with the General Directorate of Development Agencies of the Ministry of Industry and Technology. With the project developed by our Erciyes Technopark team in the light of past projects’ experiences, qualified trainings will be provided in eight different fields, including web software, embedded software, game software, portable application software, web interface design and three-dimensional design . Within the scope of the trainings, it is aimed to provide training to at least 240 individuals. We will provide the trainees receiving training with an office that they can always use at the Sera Incubation Center simultaneously with the training. Trainees who want to start their own business will also be able to start their entrepreneurial life by establishing their staff. Within the scope of the project, we will establish a comprehensive game studio and sound recording studio. Raising qualified software developers and designers in the field of gaming will be a valuable step. The game market has reached a billion-dollar size all over the world. It is obvious that this market will grow much more with the Metaverse movement,” he said.

Erciyes University Rector Prof. Dr. Stressing that software has become a necessity for our daily lives, Calis said, “The need for software developers is growing all over the world. In our Technopark, which is always growing and developing day by day, our companies need new qualified software developers, just like the rest of the world. With this project, we will both contribute to meeting this need and provide our young people with qualified job opportunities or the opportunity to start their own business. We are pleased to carry out this project that will contribute to our country and our city. We invite all our young people to apply and benefit from the program when the program announcements are made.

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