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Graduation joy at KAYU Mustafa Cikrikcioglu Vocational School

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The 2021-2022 academic year graduation and sed dressing ceremony was held at Kayseri University (KAYU) Mustafa Çıkrıkçıoğlu Vocational School.

The graduation ceremony held at the Congress and Culture Center on the 15th of July Campus was attended by Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Derviş Boztosun, Secretary General Mehmet Akkuş, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Engineering and Design and Advisor to the Rector Prof. Dr. Okan Karahan, Director of Mustafa Cikrikcioglu Vocational School Assoc. Dr. Oğuz Öcal, Director of Bünyan Vocational School Assoc. Dr. Sedat Per, Director of Pınarbaşı Vocational School Assoc. Dr. Bahatdin Daşbaşı, Director of Yeşilhisar Vocational School Assoc. Dr. Mürsel Karabacak, lecturers, students and families attended.

The introductory cinema of our university was watched at the graduation ceremony, which started with a moment of silence and the National Anthem. The Metropolitan Municipality Janissary band also gave a small concert.

Afterwards, Mustafa Cikrikcioglu Vocational School Director Assoc. Dr. Oğuz Öcal stated that they have left behind another education period, with all their bitterness and sweetness, and wished all graduate students success in their future lives.

Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Derviş Boztosun started his speech by congratulating the graduates and their families.

Vice-Chancellor Boztosun said that they prepare students for life by educating them in the best form at their universities with application and project-oriented missions.

Reminding the value of vocational and technical higher education and the need of the departments for technical middle staff, Vice Rector Boztosun said that universities, which mostly provide vocational high school education, undertake a valuable mission here.

Noting that the students who educated themselves properly in the program they were educated could easily find a job after their education in vocational schools, Boztosun stated that the students who received vocational and technical higher education were lucky in this sense.

In his speech, Vice Rector Boztosun also stated why they besieged the shad instead of throwing a cap at graduation ceremonies as a university, and said that with this tradition from our ancient culture and ahi-order, they told the students about patience, wisdom, experience and loyalty.

Gülay Opak Akcan, the top student of the school, who put a plaque on the graduation registry, made a speech on behalf of the graduate students.

Afterwards, success plaques and awards were given to the students who ranked high. After the siege of the sed and the delivery of the graduation documents to the graduate students, the graduation ceremony ended.

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