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Governor Demirtaş: ”Our Youth Is Our Biggest Human Capital”

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Sports materials worth 5 million TL were distributed to all sub-branches of 65 amateur clubs in Mardin and its districts, in the program held in the July 15 Democracy and Martyrs Park by the Social Services Department of the Mardin Metropolitan Municipality.

In addition to Governor Demirtaş, Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Murat Süzen, TFF Regional Manager Serkan Bayhan, Political Party Representatives, Metropolitan Municipality Department Leaders and athletes attended the sports equipment distribution ceremony. In his speech, Governor Demirtaş said, “Since the day we arrived, we have been making an important effort for Mardin. We are trying to create a new system, be it in the Metropolitan Municipality or in our other institutions. Today, God willing, we are in the middle to distribute sports equipment to 65 Amateur Sports Clubs. I wish good luck to all our athletes and young people in advance. In terms of protecting our youth, we, as the Metropolitan Municipality and the Governorship of Mardin, make an important effort.”

Governor Demirtaş, who stated that they support the students, said, “We gave 1000 TL support to our families, for once, for 7652 young people who won the university last year, studying at the university and residing in Mardin. In other words, we transferred 7 million 562 thousand liras from the Metropolitan Municipality. If Allah wills, we will have a project for young people who are going to university again this year, whether they are studying in Mardin or studying in various provinces of Turkey. We have only one condition, that the families of the students will reside in Mardin.

If possible, we will transfer resources, 1.000 liras for the first period and 1.000 liras for the 2 periods. I want to announce this in advance. Our young people are our greatest human capital, our future, our everything. Hopefully, if God wills, we will entrust the places we serve to our young people. Our young people will rule this country in the most pleasant way, I believe wholeheartedly. Under the auspices of our President, we share these resources with our youth, with our citizens,” he said.

Referring to the road investments, Governor Demirtaş said, “Last year, we made approximately 45 kilometers of hot asphalt and 750 kilometers of surface coating in Mardin. This year, if God wills, we are planning to do at least 800 kilometers more surface coating if we do not have any burdens. We will not have any problems with asphalt in rural areas, namely in our villages with the old name. We will pave all our roads.

We have done more than 500 kilometers of asphalt, I hope we will have completed the rest by winter from now on. We will do all this in the near future. I wish the sports equipment we will distribute here today to our young people good and good luck.

The cost of the sports materials we distribute to our Metropolitan Municipality is over 5 million. We make all the expenditures we make for our youth without thinking about it. Thanks to all my friends. I wish these materials good luck in advance. Goodbye use it,’ he said.

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