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Good news from ‘Trade’ to the plastics industrialist

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İZMİR (İGFA) – According to the Declaration on the Implementation of Supervision for Imports, prepared by the Ministry of Commerce and published in the Official Gazette dated 27 August, the Customs Value Fee was determined in the amount of 3 to 5 thousand USD per ton for the works imported with certain GTIP numbers.

imported the customs value of the works, which cannot be determined according to the sales price procedure, will be the sales price of the goods to be sold to Turkey and the value of which will be determined and the same or the same goods exported in the near future.

Şener Gençer, the Executive Council Leader of the Aegean Plastics Industrialists Association (EGEPLASDER) and the Deputy Leader of the Plastics Industrialists’ Federation (PLASFED), who made the aforementioned statement valuable; He stated that they would never accept that the Turkish Plastics branch, which is Europe’s 2nd and the world’s 7th largest production power, is exposed to unfair competition in foreign markets.

Noting that Turkish industrialists continue their production and exports despite high input and power costs, Gençer said, “As Turkish industrialists, we do not hesitate to compete in international markets. However, as in the example of Iran, we should not allow poor quality goods, which are largely smuggled into the country and sold at the price of raw materials, to invade our country,” he said.


Şener Gençer stated that they welcomed the decision of the Ministry of Commerce to prevent unfair competition by taking quick action in the face of the problem they brought to the agenda of Turkey in June. He said that 96 percent of the imported works consist of basic polymer raw materials such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene and PVC.

Stating that this price level, which is below the general price level, which means a sudden and massive increase in imports, put our domestic producers under significant pressure, he said, “The problem caused by poor quality works coming from many borders illegally and at “In addition, our state was also losing significant taxes due to this situation. We would like to express our gratitude to the bureaucrats of our Ministry of Commerce, who heard the voice of our industrialists and prevented the unfair competition they experienced.”

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