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‘Golden’ advice to young people in Kocaeli

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Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality brought together Turkey’s most beautiful teachers, Bayram Meral and Ramazan Yetgin, with the youth at the “An Evening at the Library” event, just days before YKS.

KOCAELİ (IGFA) – Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality brought together the most competent teachers of Turkey with the youth, with the number of days before the 2022 Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) to be held on June 18-19.

While Bayram Meral and Ramazan Yetgin, educators from the “My Teacher” group, were the guests of the “An Evening in the Library” event this month, the educators gave golden advice on what to do before and during the exam, in the conversation to which the students showed great interest.

Young people showed great interest in the activity with the subject of “Motivation before the Exam and Conversation” held at the Public Library.

The instructors of the My Teacher cluster gave tips on how to use the exam time, focus, and what to do with long paragraphs. Meral and Yetgin, who advised the students that they should focus only on what is asked in the question, said, “Do not get lost in unnecessary details, concentrate on what the question asks.”


In the conversation, the students’ coding mistake, which is almost a terrifying dream, came to the fore. YKS instructors provided valuable information to students in this regard. YKS teachers mentioned that the answer should be marked on the optical form after each question in order to avoid coding mistakes and scrolling.

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