Business is booming.

Gold rose marginally compared to yesterday’s close

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The kilogram price of standard gold, which saw the lowest 899 thousand liras and the highest 917 thousand liras in the gold market, completed the day at 899 thousand liras, increasing by 0.4 percent compared to the previous closing.

In KMKTP, the total process volume realized under it was 3 billion 501 million 637 thousand 267.12 liras, and the process size was 3,917.23 kilograms.

The total process volume in all metals amounted to 3 billion 517 million 763 thousand 524.72 liras.

The institutions that performed the most transactions on the gold exchange today were listed as Istanbul Gold Refinery, İAR Foreign Exchange and Precious Metals, Ahlatcı Foreign Exchange and Precious Metals, Ahlatcı Metal Refinery, Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank.

Information on current processes is as follows:

(980) 0706) Total Process MOQ
Previous Closing 895,000.00 1.832,00
Lowest 899.000, 00 1.785.00
Highest 917,0000.00 1.827.80
Closing 899.000.00 1.790.00
Weighted Average 904.653.77 1.799.14
Total Process Volume (TL) 3.501.637.267.12
Total Process Measure (Kg) 3.917.23
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