Business is booming.

Gold prices soared

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The latest situation in gold prices and instant gold prices continue to be researched by both citizens and investors.

The latest situation in gold prices, which is affected by the changes in ounce gold and exchange rates, is in the middle of curiosity.

For delivery, gram gold buying: 1.014.74 TL, gram gold selling: 1.014.96 TL. Quarter gold purchase: 1,652.00 lira, quarter gold sale 1,675.00 lira… Half gold purchase: 3,298.00, half gold sale: 3,350.00… Full gold purchase: 6,595.00 lira, while full gold sales amounted to 6,676.00 lira.

Buying Republic gold is 6,748.00 TL, while Republic gold selling is 6,850.00 TL.

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