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Goat detonated bombs

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In Ukraine, a goat entered the hospital where the Russian troops were stationed, causing the munitions to explode. It is stated that 40 Russian soldiers were injured in different incidents.

As the Russia-Ukraine war left its fourth month behind, an interesting event occurred in the Zaporizhzhia region.

In the news of the British press, the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine said that 40 soldiers were injured in the explosion that occurred in the middle of the Russian troops stationed at a hospital in the village of Kinski Rozdory.

It was stated that a goat escaping from one of the farms around when the Russian soldiers stationed at the hospital in Kinski Rozdory were protected by security fences, entered the hospital and caused the explosion of bombs there.

In the news that the Telegraph based on the Ukrainian media, it was reported that the goat was afraid and entered the hospital to hide.


While it is not known whether the animal, named “Kyiv Goat”, survived the incident, the Ukrainian Defense Intelligence used the phrases, “As a result of the ‘chaotic’ movements of the goat, the animal ‘threw several grenades’.

It was emphasized that the name Kyiv Go legendary was chosen in reference to the pilot Kyiv’s Ghost, who is said to have shot down about 40 enemy planes in the first days of Russia’s attacks on Ukraine.

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