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Giant increase in milk: In some brands, one liter has seen 21 liras

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Increases made to raw milk in order to protect the loss-making milk producer did not benefit the producer, and they also drowned the citizens in increases.

After the raw milk increase, which did not meet the expectations of the producer, a liter of milk increased to 21 liras and a kilogram of cheese to 100 liras in the markets.

According to the news of Gamze Bal from Sözcü, the increase in raw milk, effective as of May 15, caused an increase of approximately 30 percent in the retail prices of these products.

While the citizens could not even digest the fact that milk prices were based on 10 liras, a liter of milk exceeded 20 liras in 5 months.


While the price of one liter of the cheapest, widely known branded milk throughout the country starts from 15.99 TL, it goes up to 17.99-19.99 TL and 20.99 TL; 800 grams of white cheeses are sold in the range of 60-85 liras, and one-kilogram white cheeses are sold from 80-90 liras. One-kilogram cheddar cheeses of some brands have exceeded 100 liras.

The level of butter and yogurt prices is also noteworthy.

While 250 grams of butter varies between 16-18 TL; Two-kilogram yogurts, which were 35 liras before the last increase, start from 45 liras and go up to 52 liras. Even one-pound yogurts cost between 20-27 TL.


The fact that a liter of milk exceeded 10 lira was due to the increase in the prices of raw milk sold by the producer in December 2021. Milk prices, which were increased twice in December, caused a liter of milk to rise to 10 liras and then to 14 liras.

With the prestige of the end of April and the beginning of May, there was another increase in the retail prices of milk and dairy products. At the beginning of May, the price of a liter of milk in the markets had increased to 16 liras, when the milk producer sold a liter of milk for 8 liras, at a loss of 5.70 TL.

Milk, which was based on 10 liras per liter in December, has exceeded 20 liras with an increase of more than 70 percent in the last 5 months.

It didn’t work for the manufacturer, it hit the consumer

The raw milk increases, which is the subject of the speech that suffocates the citizens with these increases, do not meet the expectations of the producer.

The National Dairy Board (USK) increased the raw milk reference prices to 7.50 TL in order to cover the loss of producers, who cost about 8 liras per liter of milk, but sold it at 5.70 TL. However, in the face of these prices, which do not cover the cost, the producer sends his animals to the department as the loss grows day by day. This situation is expected to lead to a major crisis in both milk and meat in the future.

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