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Germany: We must be in heavy contact with Turkey

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German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht and Luxembourg Defense Minister François Bausch made statements regarding the NATO membership process of Sweden and Finland before the EU defense ministers meeting in Brussels.

Christine Lambrecht and François Bausch evaluated the statements of Turkey, Finland and Sweden regarding NATO membership.

Christine Lambrecht, in her statement, said that she expects Turkey to give approval for Sweden and Finland to join NATO.


Lambrecht said, “All decisions must be taken unanimously and it is valuable that we discuss it heavily with Turkey. But in the end, this is a development for NATO when two countries as strong as Sweden and Finland join, and I Turkey will be convinced of this as well.”

François Bausch, on the other hand, said that he believes that Turkey’s negative attitude towards Sweden and Finland’s NATO membership will change.

Bausch said: “No one will understand this if we refuse Sweden and Finland membership, because the costs they stand for are inside and outside of NATO. I believe things will move in the right direction in the next few days. Finland and Sweden are all members, as they increase our union and make us stronger. This is good news for the EU,” he said.

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