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Gaziantep Youth and Sports Festival has started

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“Gaziantep Youth and Sports Festival” organized by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality (GBB) started with various races and sports events.

GAZİANTEP İGFA- GBB Youth Services and Sports Department, which started the Youth Festival with the slogan of “Youth-friendly Gaziantep”, made Şenlik Park the center of the revel.

Visitors in the activity area; While meeting with table tennis, football, darts, volleyball, basketball, tennis, children’s playgrounds and many other sports activities, universities, and other public institutions provide information about activities for young people at the stand surrounding the park area.


Halil Kaplan, who attended the festival, stated that the activity area was very pleasant and said, “It is a quality festival befitting Gaziantep. I’m having a great time. I will also come to the concert organized in the evening.” he said.

Indicating that the visitors had fun at the Youth Festival, Ramazan Güney pointed out the sportive activities in the festival and said that everyone should put sports at the center of their lives.

Semra Çelik, who came to the festival with her children, said that the activity was very pleasant to begin with and said, “These kinds of activities are very good for both children and us adults. I would recommend this setup for anyone who wants to have fun. I would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality for bringing this kind of festival together with us Gaziantep residents.” he said.

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