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Gaziantep is under control against weighing cheats

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Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Police Teams have intensified their controls in order to prevent cheating in the sacrificial weighing and measuring instruments in the sacrificial sales areas determined throughout the city.

GAZIANTEP (IGFA) – With just a few days before the Feast of Sacrifice, the groups affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality Police Department tightened their current controls and inspections. In case of suspicion of cheating in weighing and measuring instruments intended to mislead citizens in the designated victim sales areas, legal proceedings will be initiated and the measuring instrument will be confiscated. Citizens will be able to reach the municipal police groups by calling the “ALO 153 Hotline” when they have doubts.

Police groups will work day and night before and during the holiday so that the density to be experienced in shopping and sacrificial sales areas and cemeteries due to the holiday does not adversely affect the traffic and pedestrian flow.


In areas where the density is increasing day by day due to holiday shopping, Metropolitan Police Groups will continue their controls for 24 hours for unfair competition and hawker stalls that will affect public health. In addition, work will be carried out for beggars who make financial profit by exploiting the religious feelings of the citizens.

Metropolitan Municipality Police Department Leader Ömer Yalım stated that the preparations were completed before and during the holiday and the assignments were made.

Noting that the will be inspected 24 hours a day, Yalım said, noting the burden of measuring sanctions and penalties for cheating in instruments, they warned sellers to be careful without being subject to legal sanctions.

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