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Gaziantep citizen associations festival started

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The 6th Citizens’ Associations Festival, by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality with the organized participation of more than 50 fellow countrymen’s associations, has started.

GAZIANTEP (IGFA) – The first day of the festival, which brings together the classical values ​​of different cultures and regions in Şenlik Park, was full of music concerts, local traditions, folk dances and cultural activities of education, culture and solidarity associations .

The festival, which started with the Gaziantep Birecikliler Culture and Solidarity Association photo booth and book signing, continued with the Burhan Honor concert organized by the Besnililer Education Culture and Solidarity Association.

Poetry concert of the poet Hasan Emre about Gaziantep and Besni was listened with admiration at the festival.

Urfa Sira Night, organized by Gaziantep Birecikliler Culture and Solidarity Association after the festival, was met with the interest of the citizens who filled the area.

Gaziantep Oghuzboys Federation increased the enthusiasm with two concerts at the festival. Musician Özkan Yılmaz sang popular folk songs for the participants of the festival.


Lastly, the popular musician Mehmet Yakar appeared on the stage. Yakar, who sang Gaziantep folk songs for the citizens of Gazi, said that he had the opportunity to see many different geographies and continents through concerts, and that Gaziantep was the most precious and unique city for him. The concert, in which the citizens accompanied the folk songs, lasted for about an hour.

At the festival, where the stands of many fellow townspeople’s associations were located, local artifacts, dishes and clothes offered the opportunity to be introduced to the visitors who came to the area. The festival also helped the citizens coming from different geographies of Turkey and living in Gaziantep to come together.

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