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‘GastroAntep’ preparation in Gaziantep

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GAZİANTEP (IGFA) – Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Leader Fatma Şahin gave information about the theme of this year’s GastroAntep Festival, events, races and issues in her speech at the meeting held at the central MSM.

Şahin pointed out Gaziantep to the world in international gastronomic tourism, by bringing GastroAntep’s aim this year to increase the awareness of the food, culinary culture and dishes of Gazi city and to bring the flavors of Gaziantep cuisine to the menu of the world’s most valuable restaurants and on the shelves of gourmet markets. He noted that they aim to contribute to the urban economy by bringing those who are interested in gastronomy and gastronomy together in Gaziantep.

Explaining the sustainable agriculture projects of the Metropolitan Municipality, the gastronomic activities of Gaziantep, the content of the festival and the work carried out in the field of geographical indications, Şahin said that gastronomy is economics, history and geography, and that the foundation of gastronomy begins from the soil.

Emphasizing that they are in an area where soil and the economy coming from the soil are spoken, Şahin said, “The earth is mother, help, modesty, humility, mercy and healing. The title is ‘Sustainable Gastronomy’ this year. The world is going through a very difficult period. Each of us can make so many excuses, explain why we can’t. We can wait for the conditions to be met, but it does not suit us. Those who are strong in this geography should always be strong by working harder, working as an opinion person, and seeing where we need to be physically. Our army, economy and industrialists must be strong. 2 million is entrusted to us. For migration to turn into power, we definitely need to say something else. The world is talking about sustainable development. We do not compete with neighboring cities. Now there is a regional destination, regional development. The geographical indication discussion of a work brings us down. When we turn the mercy of Mesopotamia into economy and export, believe me, all the problems will be solved,” he said.

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