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‘Fund’ doping from BEBKA

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BEBKA Secretary General M. Zeki Durak said that the development process will accelerate with employment guaranteed courses as well as the fund invitation for venture capital investment funds exceeding TL 100 million.

BURSA (IGFA) – Following the Regional Enterprise Capital Resource Invitation and Financial Reinforcement Program exceeding TL 100 million, the new reinforcement attacks of Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA), which focuses on the financing of entrepreneurship, were shared with the public at the Eskisehir Chamber of Commerce.

At the press conference attended by Press Advertisement Agency Eskişehir Provincial Director Arda Aşkın, BEBKA Secretary General Assoc. Dr. M. Zeki Durak said, “With the regional venture capital financial reinforcement program and resource invitation exceeding TL 100 million, they aim to jointly support the Enterprise Capital Mutual Funds, which invest in enterprises that have the potential to create rapid growth and added value in our region.


Emphasizing that the 2022-2023 theme of development agencies was determined as ‘youth employment’ by the General Directorate of Development Agencies, M. Zeki Durak said, “With the ‘Employment Guaranteed Vocational Training Courses’ we have implemented in Eskişehir, together with MEGEM and Eskişehir OIZ, we have made many of our young friends professional. While doing this, we also meet the need for qualified personnel of the business world”.

Reminding that the results of the Rural Development Financial Reinforcement Program for 2022 have been announced, Durak said, “While 16 of the 45 projects applying to the program are entitled to receive reinforcements, 8 of these projects are from Eskişehir. We will grant more than 14 million TL to these 16 projects that are entitled to benefit from the program carried out by BEBKA in the name of rural development. While the preparations for the 2024-2028 TR41 Regional Plan continue, value-added production, youth employment, development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem and rural development are also among our priority issues.

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