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Full support for e-export from the Ministry of Commerce

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The e-export market, which gained momentum in the last 2 years due to the high exchange rate, grew by 2.5 percent last year. The e-export market, which whets the appetite of entrepreneurs due to its high foreign exchange inflow, includes the criteria of being successful in expanding abroad with the valuable promotional supplements provided by the Ministry of Commerce.

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – The e-export market, which entered our lives with the pandemic and continues to be popular, continues to be supported by the state. Companies, on the other hand, are trying to manage and improve their e-export processes in this period in which exports are supported.

Stating that companies have come a long way in a short time with promotional incentives covering digital advertising expenditures, Digital Marketing School Founder Yasin Kaplan said, “The most valuable key to growth in e-export is Facebook, Instagram and Google ads. In the digitalizing branch, it is possible to reach the target audience directly through these channels. The promotional support of the Ministry of Commerce, which is working in this field by complying with the necessity of the age, is of great importance. – Thanks to these foundations, companies can benefit from publicity support, including social media ads, Google ads, pop-up ads, magazine, newspaper and TV ads, in any number of countries for 4 years. The state covers 60 percent of the promotional expenditures, up to 250 thousand dollars. There are priority countries under the basis. If e-export is carried out in these target countries, the rate of supplements increases.”

Listing the criteria for promotion incentives covering digital advertising expenditures, Kaplan said: “In order to receive supplements in this process, the brand must be registered in Turkey. The country to be promoted must at least have an application for trademark registration. Choosing the country to be promoted here is valuable. Questions such as whether there is a demand for the work or service you offer in the selected country, what is their volume, and which social media applications are used should be investigated.

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