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Fuel discount is coming!

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This time, news about the discount came about the fuel pump prices, which have been increasing for a long time. A discount is expected on the fuel cluster tonight.

With the changes in Brent oil prices and foreign exchange, citizens continue to follow fuel and diesel prices.

According to the news of NTV, according to the information obtained from the department sources; A price reduction of 97 cents is expected in the fuel cluster, no price changes are expected in the diesel cluster.

However, the final decision on when and how much price changes will be made by the upper authorities.

Compared to the current average fuel pump prices; The price of a liter of diesel is 27 liras for 84 cents, the liter of fuel is sold for an average of 28 liras for 44 cents, and the liter of autogas is sold for 12 liras for 40 cents.

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