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From Algeria to Morocco: Morocco wanted to break relations

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Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtan Lamamra made statements about his country cutting off ties with Morocco.

Ramtan Lamamra stated that regardless of which side the media outlets affiliate with this idea, mediation cannot be tolerated in severing ties with Morocco.

Lamamra said, “There is no mediation yesterday, today or tomorrow, because Algeria’s stance is clear, the severance of diplomatic relations has taken place for strong reasons. All responsibility must be placed on the party that made the connections so unfavorable.”

Lamamra also states that her country is Saudi Arabian, Arab and other African.


Algeria announced on August 24, 2021 that it had decided to cut off diplomatic contact with Morocco, whose ties have been strained for decades. This tension between Algeria and Morocco was reflected in the lines of power in the region.

Algeria blamed Morocco for the attack on October 1, 2021, which resulted in the murder of 3 citizens carrying commercial goods to Mauritania by trucks.

The Western Sahara problem has been causing tension in the links between Morocco and Algeria since the past. Morocco accuses Algeria of supporting the separatist Polisario Front. It is known that Algeria does not support its neighbor Morocco’s steps in Western Sahara.

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