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Frightening increase in calf tuberculosis!

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Turkey has been fighting tuberculosis, also known as tuberculosis, for nearly 80 years.

Although there has been a decrease in tuberculosis cases, which cause damage to the lungs, in recent years, a new danger is at the door. Due to the significant acceleration of meat traffic in the globalizing world, the infection in animals and the disruptions in quarantine practices, there has been an increase in especially veal and cow type tuberculosis. Although tuberculosis, which is defined as tuberculosis in the society, is mostly known as a disease that affects the lungs, tuberculosis that occurs in animals is also transmitted to humans by consuming meat and dairy products.

Stating that there has been an increase in the disease called calf-type tuberculosis in recent years, Infectious Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Serhan Sakarya pointed out that the disease, which manifests itself with symptoms such as fatigue, weakness and joint pain, can be fatal if medical intervention is not applied. Stating that the bacteria that causes tuberculosis can affect the kidney, liver, brain, bone and even bone marrow in the person infected by digestion, Prof. Dr. Sakarya said, “The treatment takes much longer than pulmonary tuberculosis, if not treated, it can cause organ loss and even death.”


In this disease, which is referred to as calf-type tuberculosis, Medicana International Izmir Hospital Infectious Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Serhan Sakarya, “Since the transmission from animal to human is not through the lungs, but through the digestive system, the symptoms in the person do not have symptoms similar to the symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis. Therefore, tuberculosis is not doubted. Unfortunately, it can be noticed after it has spread to the body too much. According to the environment, it can also be transmitted from person to person,” he said.


Stating that the symptoms of calf tuberculosis can be evaluated within the challenging conditions of social life and even perceived spiritually, Prof. Dr. Sakarya said, “If there is chronic fatigue, weakness, night sweats, kidney and joint pain and it does not go away, it is very useful to check whether there is an infection in the body. Bacteria transmitted to humans through the digestive system can reach the intestines, kidneys, bones, liver and bone marrow and even the brain. Mycobacterium, the tuberculosis bacterium, has the ability to live wherever it goes. It causes a lesion in the organ to which it is attached, causing that area to lose its function. If it settles on the bone, it can be fixed by stripping that bone and placing a platinum. In other words, it can cause organ loss and even death. To be able to make the diagnosis, which is of natural value. It can be confused with other diseases more than once.”


Stating that animals should be screened for tuberculosis while slaughtering, Prof. Dr. Serhan Sakarya, “Milk needs to be pasteurized very appropriately because this bacteria is not something that dies very easily. For example, if meat is consumed, undercooked meat can be a problem. This medicine needs to be cooked properly. Although the symptoms of the disease are often thought of as spiritual, if the complaints do not go away, advanced techniques should be used. A definite diagnosis can be made with the Quantiferon test, which the doctor wants to be done based on the symptoms. After detecting the presence of the bacterium with this technique, it is necessary to find where it is involved in the body and to perform the treatment.”

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