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France: UAE could be an alternative to Russian oil

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French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said that they are looking for an alternative to Russian gas and oil, and that the UAE can be at least a discontinuous alternative to Russian oil.

“Negotiations with the UAE have already started, we must find an alternative to Russian oil,” said Bruno Le Maire.

Le Maire mentioned that they are defending the power independence policy against Russian State Leader Vladimir Putin.

Le Maire also stated that they will accelerate investments in ecological transition and pointed out that they will bring to the table an item that will pave the way for accelerating steps regarding renewable power after the general election.


Thierry Breton, Member of the European Union (EU) Committee for Internal Market, said, “(EU countries) need to get rid of Russian gas and regain their independence as soon as possible. Because Putin does not like the European project.”

Thierry Breton argued that Putin was trying to divide Europeans by using gas.

The EU’s 6th package of sanctions against Russia includes a 92 percent reduction in oil imports from Russia by the end of this year.

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