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Former US President Bush’s slip of language about Iraq became the agenda

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During the 2003 invasion of Iraq, US President George W. Bush’s speech in which he reacted to the invasion of Ukraine, in the form of “a man’s decision to invade Iraq in a completely illegal and brutal form” became the agenda in the social media .

Bush, who started the invasion of Iraq in 2003, reacted to Russia’s attacks against Ukraine in his speech, and when he said Iraq instead of Ukraine in one sentence, different moments were experienced in the hall.

In his speech, Bush said, “The result of all this was the lack of stability and control in Russia, and a man’s decision to invade Iraq completely illegally and ruthlessly.”

When he realized his mistake, there was a deep silence in the hall in the face of Bush’s Iraq gaffe, who corrected his words with a slight smile as “I mean Ukraine”, while Bush’s saying “Iraq too… Anyway” caused laughter in the hall.

While the image of Bush about the invasion of Iraq went viral in the social media in a short time, many people emphasized that “Bush, who invaded Iraq, was reflected in the words of his subconscious mind”.

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