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Former Greek Defense Minister: Concerned about ties with Turkey

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Evangelos Apostolakis, the former Minister of Defense of Greece, made evaluations regarding the agenda.

Evangelos Apostolakis stated that they do not want the possibility of any conflict with Turkey, and that the current situation is at a “critical level”.

Apostolakis said that Turkey “knows very well that Greece is not an easy opponent” and that Greece has deterrent abilities.


Evangelos Apostolakis, reminding that they came to the brink of conflict with Turkey in 2020, said, “I am worried because we do not know where the ties will go. Our logic shows that it is not in the interest of the two countries to experience a negative scenario, but we must be prepared for any scenario.”

Apostolakis, criticizing the international alliances established by the current government, said, “As Greece, we are now reliable in our connections and obligations. However, when we need a support, we cannot see anyone.”


Evangelos Apostolakis opposed the Athenian administration’s decision to send weapons and equipment to Ukraine, saying, “This is a wrong policy; it does not only aim at our country, but also makes us a module of the war. Besides, we are losing the opportunity to make an important effort to stop the war.” he spoke.

Pointing out that there should not be a clear choice of a side in the Russia-Ukraine war, Apostolakis said, “Our aim should be to end the war. When we are a module of the problem and we openly choose a side, there is a problem. We unequivocally condemn the actions of Russia and so far have provided humanitarian aid to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.” We support it,” he said.

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