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First prices for figs announced in Bursa

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One of the subsidiaries of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Tarım ve Peyzaj AŞ, which stepped in when Bursa Siyahuı did not find the expected price in the market, announced the first purchase prices for figs.

BURSA (IGFA)- Queen of England II. After being served to Elizabeth during her ‘visit to Bursa in 2009’, the Bursa Black, which became famous as the Queen’s fig, did not find the expected price in the market, and the Metropolitan Municipality stepped in.

It started to purchase works in the cold storage prepared by Tarım ve Peyzaj A.Ş., one of the municipality’s subsidiaries.

Due to the daily change in prices, Tarım ve Peyzaj AŞ announced the purchase prices at 09:00 every morning and started its purchases at 10 am, and announced its first prices for fig purchases for Friday, August 26.

, fruit a price of 7 TL for ripe figs, 11.50 TL for export figs, and 3.50 TL for industrial figs was determined.

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