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First it was divided into 30 squares… Then it was mapped in detail.

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The most detailed map of the Moon’s surface to date has been produced. The researchers spent ten years compiling the data to make the map.

The landscape of the lunar surface was divided into 30 squares. After detailed mapping of each segment, the modules were combined.

According to the news reported by TRT Haber, the research team of more than 100 scientists in China has produced the most detailed map of the lunar surface so far.

Years of scientific work has been published in the peer-reviewed journal Science Bulletin. On the map, 81 impact basins, 17 rock types and 14 types of surface conditions were included in detail.

While creating the map, the information obtained from China’s Lunar Exploration Program missions was used as the main source.

Researchers spent ten years compiling the data with the goal of mapping it.

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